Managed Print Bumps Up Efficiency in Education


Most school budgets don't provide a lot of extra room for inefficient processes. Print is one office function that can get excessively expensive quickly, limiting spending and needs in other departments as a result.

The best way to address costly print in educational institutions is to invest in managed print services. Managed print services are outsourced print oversight that covers supply orders, fleet management, print audits, policy recommendations, and security input.

Three Steps to Implementing Document Management in Today’s Workforce


Companies in today's ever-changing, mobile, and dynamic workforce need to work hard to stay up to date with both client and employee communication patterns. In order to reach customers, engage with potential clients, and keep employee productivity up, matching your team's work style with your office operations is critical in today's business world.

Is Your Multifunction Printer HIPAA Secure?


Printer security is a more critical issue than some companies recognize. Still, you don't want to be caught with a security issue because you overlooked the importance of security for your multifunction printer, especially in a health care setting.

HIPAA compliance is the law in health care, and while regular security measures are essential, securing your network and print fleet with updated, advanced technology is also critical.

3 Extra Benefits to Investing in Managed Print Services


Your business success could rely on managed print services. While managed print seems like a background function, it is an essential part of any business operating in today's digital world.

Why? The average employee prints 10,000 pages a year - a mind-blowing statistic that you can address by outsourcing your print management and getting ahead of the issue.

6 Ways to Establish the Right Document Management System


The paperless office is no longer the office of tomorrow - it is here right now. If it means working remotely or managing digital communications, the paperless office is where every employee operates in today's work world.

Is your business there? Are you ready to catch up? If you've been thinking about it or it's a new concept, we'll outline how to establish a paperless office that gets you more for your money.

Fix Your Health Care Practice Budget with Managed Print


Print is a significant requirement in health care practices. In order to oversee all the essential documents your health care practice needs, it can be challenging to keep up with budget, supplies, and printing. Many organizations do not use managed print services, which oversee your print fleet, printer locations and use, supply ordering, and print volumes. That means that health care practices are often overspending on print.

How Managed Print Helps IT


Implementing print management solutions is an essential piece of reducing print costs. However, if your IT department is also invested in document management, your managed print team can take on both aspects of the technology. This allows your IT team to work on their security operations and better in-house security on print and document storage.

Print management helps IT by reducing security challenges and cutting the risk of a potential data breach.

Will Document Management Improve Workflows?


Document management services are the most common way that businesses can make a big jump from slow, hard copy workflows to high-level digital communication. When your business is ready to go paperless, save money on printing, and invest in digital communication both internally and externally, you'll want to start by investing in a solid document management plan with a reliable vendor.

In short, document management will improve workflows, boost employee productivity, and build business savings.


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