Increase Security

Increase Security

Protect Your Company’s Important Documents

The continued success of a business can depend on the security of its information. The internet and products like our office multifunction systems create new opportunities for productivity, but they can also put you at greater risk of unauthorized access to your documents.

Preferred Business Systems understands the importance of keeping your sensitive data and documents protected. Our office equipment, solutions and services allow you to increase the security of your information:

  • Most of our products are validated by Common Criteria, an international evaluation alliance for IT security.
  • Account codes and user authentication features on our MFPs ensure that only authorized personnel can use the devices.
  • Our MFPs also have security kits, which encrypt data and overwrite it after jobs.
  • With services and solutions like Managed IT Services or Ruled-Based Printing, you can monitor and restrict who accesses, prints or distributes your documents.

More Benefits

PBS’s products and services provide other significant benefits. To learn more, check out the following pages:

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Maximize Productivity

Reduce Environmental Impact

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