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Outstanding Service for Your Business

At Preferred Business Systems, we take pride in relieving stress in your workplace. We know that the last thing you should worry about is whether or not your hardware or solutions function properly. You need the confidence and peace of mind that come with reliable uptime.

With PBS’s CustomerFIRST service, you get thorough, dependable support for your business. This customized program has roots in our total dedication to our customers and their needs.

Details of CustomerFIRST Service

2 Hour Response

PBS’s techs respond to emergency calls within two hours. They’ll diagnose your situation and resolve your problems over the phone. If your issue requires an onsite visit, we’ll fix it in four hours or less.

Replacement Guarantee

If your equipment doesn’t perform to manufacturer specifications, we’ll swap it out and give you a device with equal or greater capabilities. If you’re having trouble with a device that we can’t fix onsite, we’ll provide a loaner free of charge.

Upgrade Security

Our products and services ensure that your sensitive records and data don’t fall into the wrong hands. We make it easier for you to meet compliance standards for your industry.

Internal Leasing

Our leasing and trade-in programs allow you to upgrade your equipment at the times and prices that work best for you.

Local Decisions

Our factory-trained, certified technicians work in assigned territories, which ensures that they’re always close to your office when you need them. They keep a substantial inventory of spare parts with them at all times, which enables them to repair most problems on the first call.

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