Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce Environmental Impact

Improve Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Over the years, more and more companies have realized that they can’t just focus on tasks at hand and bottom lines. They also need to consider the waste that their processes create and its impact on the planet we share.

Preferred Business Systems understands the importance of managing your carbon footprint. We are proud to offer products and services that help customers reduce their environmental impact.

How PBS Helps Reduce Your Environmental Impact

PBS can help you make you “greener” in a variety of ways:

Business Systems

Our stock of office multifunction systems and other business systems make it easy to conserve energy and supplies.

Many of our devices qualify for the Energy Star program, delivering outstanding productivity with less power. You can also save paper with the scanning capabilities of our available devices, which allow you to store and distribute documents digitally.

Managed Print Services

By streamlining your printing practices, our Managed Print Services help you lower the waste that these practices generate.

Document Management

With our Document Management solutions, you can greatly reduce your reliance on paper documents. You can free up space in your office, share information faster and lower your need to print.

More Benefits

PBS’s products and service give you other significant benefits. For more information, check out the following pages:

Reduce Expenses

Maximize Productivity

Increase Security

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