New Printing Possibilities for Your Business

Your equipment can have an enormous impact on your office. It can affect how much work you can get done and how well you manage your budget.

Preferred Business Systems’ devices open up new possibilities for productivity in your workplace. Our stock of network printers can deliver the high-quality documents you need quickly and cost-effectively.

Features of PBS’s Printers

With one of PBS’s printers, you get:

Superior Print Speeds and Duty Cycles

Our devices can produce dozens of pages per minute and thousands per month.

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

PBS stocks Energy Star-certified devices, which enable you to reduce your power usage and related expenses.

Additional Features

PBS’s printers also have:

  • User-friendly touch screens and tablet-like navigation
  • Duplex printing for reduced paper usage
  • Optional drawers for longer and more diverse print jobs
  • Customizable alerts for low supplies

Benefits of PBS’s Products

PBS’s printers and other devices deliver several benefits for your workplace. Click the links below to learn more:

Reduce Expenses

Maximize Productivity

Increase Security

Reduce Environmental Impact

More Business Systems

For information on our other available Business Systems, go to the following pages:

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For specifications on our printers,

To ask how our devices can meet your company's printing demands