Office Multifunction Systems

Office Multifunction Systems

Optimize Your Office’s Productivity

The world moves at a fast pace these days. In order to survive, staying as efficient as possible is a must. Your business or organization can’t afford to let routine tasks slow it down.

Preferred Business Systems has equipment to help you get jobs done faster. With one of our office multifunction systems, you can do the work of multiple devices.

Features of PBS’s Office Multifunction Systems

PBS’s office multifunction systems make multitasking effortless. They come with four main features:


Our machines print out hundreds of pages in a matter of minutes. Thanks to our technology partners’ innovative designs, you can produce thousands of prints each month with minimal waste and energy usage.


Our multifunction systems also have the ability to create copies will all the details of your original documents.


With our devices, you can scan and route documents to more than 1,000 locations with the push of a button. They enable you to capture files to a variety of digital formats, including:

  • DOCS
  • XLSX
  • PPTx
  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • TIFF


You can send your scanned documents via internet fax as well.

Benefits of PBS’s Products

Our multifunction systems and other equipment yield significant benefits for your business. To find out more, check out the pages listed below:

Reduce Expenses

Maximize Productivity

Increase Security

Reduce Environmental Impact

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