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Managed Print Services FAQS

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Do you have questions about managed print services but aren't sure where to find answers? Have you been researching this solution for so long that it would be a huge relief to find simple, straightforward information? You've come to the right place! Here are a few common questions about managed print services (and all the details you've been hoping for).


Going Green With Managed Print Services

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These days, everyone's trying to go green--but that doesn't mean everyone's succeeding. After all, environmental friendliness isn't always efficient for your business, which means you're sometimes left choosing between Mother Nature and your own bottom line. Luckily, with managed print services, that choice is a thing of the past. Here's what you need to know!


Managed Print Services for Every Industry

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Are you wondering if Managed Print Services (MPS) can be what your industry needs? The good news is that any industry can benefit from using MPS, including yours too. Examples of industries that can benefit from using MPS include healthcare, education, marketing and advertising, and legal practices. But there are other industries as well can use MPS to reduce costs.


The Basics of Managed Print Services


That is the term given to the services provided by an external source to manage or optimize the document output of the client. Chances are you have heard of this but didn't know the exact terminology for it. 

The precise role of a managed print service is to manage all tasks involved with the usage of a client's business printing devices. This includes equipment such as printing machines, copying machines, and multifunctional machines. 


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