Managed Print Services: Tips for Saving Money on Color Ink

color printer ink

Color ink has an important role to play in many business projects and needs. However, it can be pricey when managed improperly. Should you give up on color for good--or can a solution like managed print services save the day? Here's what to know.

Managed Print Services: Cutting Costs, Not Corners

The first thing to know about managed print services is that it's not all about restricting color use and eliminating your ability to plan creative print jobs. Instead, managed print helps you get smarter about when and why you're using color ink--that way, you know more about your budget (and how to protect it).

Here are a few ways managed print services cuts costs instead of corners:

Creating Color Guidelines

Sometimes, employees just don't know when they should and shouldn't use color ink. That's why managed print services helps you create printing rules and guidelines--a helpful look at how to make print jobs look great without waste.

Tracking Prints

If you don't know how much color you use, when, or why, it's difficult to make the right improvements. Managed print services helps you track prints across all your printers to get a better understanding of your environment and habits. That way, you can identify issues and make targeted changes.

Monitoring Budgets

Maybe you don't know how much color printing actually costs--or how much any printing costs. If that's the case, managed print services is the perfect solution for you. Your provider will review your entire print environment and create a detailed look at your budget, helping you understand where those costs are coming from and how smarter color utilization (or other good habits!) can help save money.


Managed print services isn't about stopping you from using color ink. It's about helping you get smarter and more effective in the ways you utilize color--and how you make print decisions across your company.

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