Managed Print Services: The Value of Remote Monitoring

A woman working remotely and entering a security passcode on a cell phone.

Remote monitoring might make you think of a sci-fi movie, but it's actually great news for many parts of your business--especially when it's empowered by managed print services. Here's what you need to know!

Remote Monitoring With Managed Print Services

Managed print services is built on many of the same ideas that make remote monitoring such an important part of the modern business world.

For example, most companies today have some element of hybrid or remote work. Managed print services providers understand this, so their solutions are geared toward creating visibility across multiple locations. Remote monitoring works on the same philosophy and is often the tool providers use to make visibility a possibility.

It's also important to keep in mind that remote monitoring with managed print services isn't about micromanaging your employees. The thing being monitored is your print environment itself--which means printers, network connections, settings, supply numbers, and more.

Benefits of Managed Print Services Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring with managed print services may not be about watching people, but it is about helping them do better work by arming them with clearer information. Here are a few ways remote monitoring makes it easier to control your print environment:

Monitoring Security

Security never rests, which is one reason remote monitoring is such an important defense tool. Your managed print services provider can essentially "watch your back" 24/7, flagging suspicious activity before hackers make too much progress in your print environment.

Monitoring Supply Levels

You have plenty to do without constantly worrying about the levels of paper, ink, and toner in your supply closet. Managed print services providers use remote monitoring to keep an eye on your supply needs and set automatic orders so you never run out of anything.

Monitoring Printer Performance

You may not realize when a printer's performance levels drop, especially if it's a gradual process. Remote monitoring with managed print services gives you that insight and identifies machines that need maintenance, updates, or even replacement.

In conclusion, remote monitoring is one of many approaches used by managed print services providers to help you take control of your print environment (not your people).

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