Managed Print Services: Can Law Firms Go Paperless?


Going paperless is a big trend in the business world--but unlike other trends, it's here to stay. That means industries of all shapes and sizes are finding ways to get started. But for law firms, where so many things are still based on paperwork, is this kind of digitization even possible? Let's find out how managed print services helps law firms say goodbye to paper!

A Little Help From Managed Print Services

When it comes to managed print services, no company is out of the question. That's because managed print adapts to each company and helps find unique, targeted solutions for big paper problems.

This is true for all kinds of industries, but it's especially important for law firms. After all, law firms don't just deal with a lot of paperwork; they also juggle sensitive data, tight timelines, and tight privacy regulations--so a mission like going paperless can seem almost impossible.

Here's a look at how managed print services can make it happen:


The first step in going paperless is teamwork. A law firm and its managed print provider will collaborate to identify obstacles in the journey toward paperless workflows:

  • Paper-based onboarding processes.
  • Paper files for record-keeping.
  • Printed documents from partner organizations (like courts).
  • Limited digital capabilities.
  • Restrictions on data sharing and storage.


Once a law firm understands its challenges, managed print services steps in with solutions.

The journey generally begins by addressing the sources of new paper--for example, shifting client onboarding processes into a digital portal. Next, the provider helps address existing printing needs by identifying which documents really need physical copies and which could be communicated digitally. This also involves a close analysis of restrictions and regulations in the industry. Finally, the law firm gets to choose new cloud-based solutions for creating, sharing, and storing data that would otherwise be printed.

In the end, the law firm gets to gradually reduce its reliance on paper without abruptly shifting workflows--and along the way, a valuable relationship is created with the managed print services provider.


Going paperless may be a long-lived trend, but that doesn't mean it's getting any easier. Solutions like managed print services help companies say goodbye to paper--and yes, even highly regulated and paper-based organizations such as those in the legal industry can make it happen.

Need a little help on your own paperless journey? Contact us today to get started with managed print services.