Do You Need Managed Print Services? Here's How to Check

Managed print services audit.

Even if a certain solution is a great fit for your business, you might wonder if now is the right time to get started. Here's how to answer that question when it comes to managed print services!

Step 1: Learning About Managed Print Services

To decide if you need managed print services, you need to start by learning exactly what it is.

Managed print is similar to an outsourcing solution. You choose a third-party company--your managed print services provider--to help juggle your print needs. They'll perform a print audit to learn more about your machines, needs, challenges, budgets, and more. This data will be compiled to create a complete view of your print environment from top to bottom.

Next, your managed print services provider will enlist your help is choosing and implementing all the right solutions. That means you get a say in everything that happens, from the smallest shift to the biggest change in direction.

That all sounds great--but how do you know if this is right for you?

Step 2: Identifying Your Managed Print Services Needs

Once you know the basics, ask yourself these questions to find out if you actually need managed print services:

Do We Know Our Print Costs?

Many companies are unsure exactly how much they spend on paper, ink, toner, energy, maintenance, repairs, and more. If you have difficulty keeping up with these costs or simply can't figure out how much you're actually paying, you might need managed print services.

Do We Feel Secure?

These days, the digital world is riskier than ever. It's increasingly difficult to protect your machines and data from hackers who believe printers are an easy target. To keep everything safe and sound, you may want to consider managed print services.

Can We Grow Confidently?

Can your printer fleet scale without breaking a sweat? Can you adapt to change quickly and effectively? Managed print services makes it easier to grow your business by addressing specific needs in all the right ways.

In conclusion, managed print services is a great fit for businesses of all shapes and sizes, bringing benefits like cost control, security, and growth support.

To find out if managed print services is right for you,contact us today!