How Managed Print Services Works With Other Print Solutions

Scanning managed print

Managed print services is a uniquely holistic approach to your print environment, which means you won't just focus on individual machines or workflows. Instead, you'll look at the environment as a whole--which means managed print often enlists help from a few other print solutions. Here's how they all fit together!

Managed Print Services: An All-In-One Solution

When you choose a managed print provider as your partner, they're making you a promise: They'll monitor, protect, and improve your print environment and make targeted changes with real results. Often, that means tying together some of the best print solutions available, including:

Printer Fleet Optimization

Fleet optimization is often included in managed print services. That's because fleet optimization gives you a chance to update, upgrade, or even consolidate your devices, all based on which are providing the most value for your business. You'll even have a chance to review and improve individual settings.

Mobile Print

Mobile print uses smartphones and other devices to send data to your printers from just about anywhere. It's a top-notch efficiency and flexibility solution, which means it's often recommended and implemented by managed print services providers.

Follow-Me Printing

Follow-me printing essentially creates a "print queue" where documents live when you send them to the printer. Data doesn't leave this queue until the right user shows up at the machine and enters a code, identifying them as the owner of the print job. This makes it easier to keep documents from getting mixed up in someone else's prints, but it also improves security.

Cloud Printing

Cloud printing isn't exactly a new solution, but it's becoming more popular as businesses find fresh ways to put it to work. Managed print services providers will likely find multiple options for leveraging the cloud in your print environment, especially if you're adapting to hybrid or remote work needs.


Managed print services isn't just one solution. It's a roadmap through multiple solutions, all chosen and implemented based on what will work best for you.

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