Myth Busting about Managed Print


Have you heard of managed print? Most likely, you have, but the concept can be hard to pitch to executives or even to convince your tech teams that it's time to get on board. Why is this so challenging? Because there are myths about managed print that may keep people and businesses from realizing the full potential of productivity improvements, and savings of time and money that managed print can bring on board.

Managed Print


Maybe your business has been running smoothly for years, or maybe you are looking for key ways to upgrade your office operations. Maybe you have print totally handled and don't think you could save any more money on it at all, or maybe you see some room for savings in print.

4 Tips for Starting Your Document Management System Correctly

Man selecting an icon that says document mangement

Is your office still working part hard copy part digital? When your teams had to work from home, was it a challenge because not all files were in a digital document management system?

It's okay if everything isn't digital yet, but at least you know what you're working with and you know what you need - a high functioning paperless office that transfers files from hard copy to digital in a streamlined, organized system.

The answer is document management. So, how can you ensure you create your document management system the right way?

How Managed Print Can Help in Health Care

Healthcare worker holding tablet

Managed print can drastically change your health care environment and take it from a chaotic situation to a fully functional, streamlined workflow. It's not that your practice isn't managing it well - it's that there is so much paperwork, confidentiality, compliance, and changing regulations in health care that you need to address those issues while creating streamlined solutions for your employees and your patients.

3 Surprising Security Risks from Your Printer


Multifunction printers have been a considerable improvement in office operations and streamlining workflows. The multifunction printer, or MFP, has made it easier to get everything done in one place while saving companies time and money on print issues and productivity.

However, as the MFP has advanced, there are additional considerations necessary to make sure your machine is functioning as well as possible - and the big one is security.


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