Managed Print Services: What to Expect From a Print Assessment

Print audit.

A print assessment, also known as a print audit, is the first step toward a stronger, smarter, more cost-efficient print environment. However, lots of companies have questions about what these assessments actually look like--so sit back, relax, and enjoy this sneak peek at print audits with managed print services!

How a Managed Print Services Audit Works

Your managed print services provider wants to make sure they're doing all they can to support, improve, and protect your print environment. However, they can't do that until they know what they have to work with. That's where a print audit comes in.

Here's what these assessments look like:

#1: Your provider tells you what to expect.

You and your managed print services provider work together on a print audit. Your provider will tell you how long the audit takes, which systems they'll need access to, and what the results will tell you.

#2: You start with hardware and software.

Together, you and your provider will review all the hardware and software puzzle pieces that make up your print environment. You'll talk about printer makes models and settings, efficiency apps and network connections, security solutions, and more.

#3: You move on to workflows and habits.

Your managed print services provider will talk to you and your employees to find out what you do and how you do it. This provides insight into your workflows and the habits that make them tick--whether those habits are good or bad.

#4: You finish with costs and consumables.

Finally, you'll review print costs--including ink, toner, paper, energy, maintenance, repairs, and more. This helps you understand your print budget (and where all that money is going).

#5: You use your results.

When the print assessment is complete, you and your provider will review the results. You'll have all the insight you need to identify weaknesses--for example, a gap in security you might not have noticed or a bad habit of printing in color too often. As you make improvements, you'll see efficiency boosts, cost reductions, and other great benefits.


A print audit or assessment can be great news for your company, especially if you plan ahead and gather details for your managed print provider. That helps you prepare for all the advantages coming your way--and it makes the audit process quicker and easier, too.

Want to see a print assessment in action? Contact us today to get started with managed print services!