Managed Print Services and The New Normal

You've probably heard "the new normal" enough to recognize exactly what it's talking about: post-pandemic life. Even if you're sick of hearing the phrase, it's a great way to think about the updated role of managed print services in businesses like yours. Let's take a look!

A New Take On Managed Print Services

Although managed print services has been an effective, powerful solution for quite some time now, even the best things can get an upgrade--and that's exactly what's happening right now.

The pandemic, while by no means a positive thing, did have some interesting impacts on solutions like managed print services. Because companies like yours had to adapt, managed print followed suit--and the result is a better, smarter, more powerful approach.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • An increased focus on digital workflows

Digital workflows were a huge part of the pandemic, and they're here to stay. Managed print services has adapted to this new reality by helping businesses transition to cloud-based printing solutions and processes, improving workflows left and right.

  • More flexibility for remote and hybrid work

Even if you're not a remote or hybrid workplace, it's important to know that managed print services is capable of helping you make the switch at any time. Managed print is structured to make connections between multiple locations, overcome communication barriers, create consistent logic and rules for disparate teams, and more--and that's a sign of a smart, flexible solution.

  • Smarter approaches for bigger security problems

As if the pandemic itself wasn't bad enough, it also introduced new breeds of security threats. Managed print services had to evolve to identify and address these issues, making it even more capable of handling whatever the world throws at you next.


While the core concept of managed print services may have stayed the same--better printing, better workflows, and better business--the approaches and tools have changed. The pandemic made managed print stronger and smarter, which means you get to benefit from a more capable solution.

Want to see managed print services at work in your new normal? Contact us today to get started!