Document Management in Education: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Two large stacks of documents next to a laptop on a table top surface.

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be making its way into just about every part of life--but what role can it play in your school's document management system? Let's find out!

Document Management and AI

If you want to know why document management and AI are the perfect match, you need to know a little more about what they really are:

Document management

Document management systems are designed to help organizations like schools take control of their data. You can use document management to digitize, organize, and secure files of all shapes and sizes--which means you can also utilize these files more effectively. The result is a stronger, more streamlined workflow for faculty, staff, and students.


"Artificial intelligence" refers to man-made brainpower given to machines. It's usually based on a set of rules and algorithms telling the system how to respond in different situations, like an app that recommends new books based on what you liked reading in the past. When leveraged properly, AI can do all kinds of work for you.

Document management and AI

In a document management solution, AI takes responsibility for certain tasks, empowering the system with automated decision-making. That means document management gets smarter without creating more work for you.

AI Document Management in Schools

When you put AI and document management together, you get a solution that's just about perfect for schools. Here's a closer look:

Larger document volumes

With AI in the picture, document management allows you to say goodbye to manual processes. That means the system can automatically organize and handle larger volumes, all while you eliminate repetitive tasks and human error.

Faster response times

AI is known for being quick and efficient. In a document management system, it helps simplify processes, so you waste less time searching for, sharing, and updating data.

Improved insights

In many ways, AI acts like an extra brain. Instead of replacing faculty and staff, it helps them notice patterns and take advantage of opportunities, providing the insights necessary to get more out of existing resources and workflow structures.

In conclusion, AI is a big deal--but AI and document management together might just be life-changing.

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