Why Managed Print Works for Any Size Business


Most small or medium-sized businesses need an upgrade in office operations occasionally. To integrate new technologies and streamline communications, working with a managed print services provider is incredibly helpful for companies of any size. Small to medium-sized businesses can make the difference between being stagnant and taking the next step toward growth and innovation.

How to Build a Sustainable Print Strategy


Sustainable print environments are not only trendy, but they are also incredibly functional. Reducing waste, cutting your carbon footprint, and sustainable building practices are important to focus points for businesses around the world.

Due to outdated printing practices, the US still consumes over 30% of paper worldwide. Employees waste almost 20% of what they print every year, which consumes almost 10,000 pages annually. This is an insane amount of waste, and adding it up to consider all the office employees in the country makes it overwhelming.

3 Ways Managed Print Gets Ahead of Print Costs


Finding your place in a crowded field of small to medium-sized businesses can be a stressful job. That’s where being in control over costs, budget, productivity, and waste can come in handy and give you a competitive edge.

Interestingly, managed print services are some of the most recognized services for helping businesses get ahead.

Why? Because managed print can cut excess waste, fix cost issues, and streamline your print workflows faster than any other service or system.

5 Ways to Keep Your Multifunction Printers Running


Multifunction printers are a critical aspect of running a business. From technology features to security, functionality to productivity, the MFP has a way of making workflows operate smoothly while still being the focal point for many businesses.

Once you invest in a multifunction printer, you'll want to confirm that you keep the equipment updated, running smoothly, and functional to support your office.

Managed Print in Small Businesses: What You Want to Know


Often, small businesses think that they can’t take advantage of the same benefits as a large company. For example, something like managed print services would only apply to a big organization that has a lot of machines.

However, that’s not necessarily the truth – if your business has one printer, maybe hold on looking for print solutions until you grow a bit.

3 Ways Document Management Can Help in Education


Handling paperwork in a school environment can be challenging for both students and teachers. There are personal documents and homework, permissions slips and invoices, and purchases and personnel documents. There are too many things to keep track of just with a traditional filing system, especially when half of the materials are electronic and half are hard copy.

Managing this information requires effective document management solutions that save time, money, and storage space and allow teachers and administrators to provide the level of quality education they can offer.

6 Ways Managed Print Can Benefit Your Firm


Any law firm will depend on hard copy documents to conduct business since that is the legal profession's nature. However, it is costly to stick to this historical manner of doing business since it can cost firms almost 3% of their revenue each year on printing and copying expenses.

Larger firms will also have higher costs and more waste. In addition, law firms are known to overuse printers and copiers, meaning that your tools may not be creating the highest quality materials.

Use the Right Supplies to Extend the Life of Your Printers


Investing in high-quality equipment has a few additional points for offices that want to get the most out of the investment. Finding the right supplies and ensuring that your company is using the right supplies for your machine is critical to extending the life of your office equipment.

In addition, establishing a reliable maintenance schedule and adhering to factory requirements and adjustments is also necessary.


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