Can a Multifunction Printer Save Time and Money?

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When it comes to business solutions, you may feel like you have to choose between saving time and saving money. But what if you could have both? With a multifunction printer, it's not just possible--it's easier than ever. Read on to see the proof!

A Multifunction Printer in Action

At first glance, you might be a little skeptical about the ability of a multifunction printer to save time and money. After all, doesn't printing require you to spend a lot on both?

The truth is that a multifunction printer is unlike anything you've ever seen in the printing world--which means it can completely reshape your expectations. For proof, look no further than a multifunction printer in action:

Combining functions

Paying for separate printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines? Not anymore! A multifunction printer combines these abilities, allowing you to complete a whole print job without leaving the device. That means you won't have to buy four different machines (or waste time walking back and forth between them).

Finishing print jobs

A good multifunction printer does the work for you, especially when it comes to finishing features. These machines can handle collating, stapling, hole-punching, folding, and even laminating your document. When you leverage these features, you simplify your entire workflow, saving time and money just by boosting efficiency.

Scanning files for search

Some machines essentially create a static image of your document when you scan. However, a multifunction printer can often use optical character recognition, or OCR, to read and understand your files. That means it can create a dynamic digital document that is available for searching, editing, copying, pasting, and more. As a result, you'll get even more benefits out of a single machine--which saves both time and money.


A multifunction printer can do a little bit of everything--but perhaps most importantly, it can save time and money. It does this by allowing you to utilize a host of useful features, from stapling and hole-punching to scanning for search.

Are you ready to save time and money with just one device? Contact us today to add a multifunction printer to your fleet!