How Managed Print Services Tells the Truth

A man sitting at desk, holding his hands up to his face with puzzled look on his face. Two woman behind the man talking to each other.

Your printers don't exist to lie to you. However, in the course of their everyday processes, they can sometimes make it difficult for you to see exactly what's going on--and, perhaps more importantly, where your money is going. Read on to find out how managed print services pulls back the curtain to show you the truth!

Revealing True Costs with Managed Print Services

How important is accuracy in your business? What about honesty, certainty, and confidence?

The unfortunate truth is that your printers might be sabotaging all of these things.

They're not doing it on purpose, of course--but today's printers are complex and hardworking. They're so busy helping you carry out everyday tasks that they don't have much time left over to reveal hidden costs. And there are a lot of hidden costs when it comes to printing.

Luckily, you don't have to survive on guesswork. Managed print services helps reveal the true cost of printing in a few key ways:

  • #1: Improving visibility

Sometimes, high costs are staring you right in the face--but because you don't know what you're looking at, you still aren't getting the whole story. Managed print services helps improve visibility throughout your print environment, so everyday costs are always surfaced in ways that simply make sense.

  • #2: Identifying bad habits

Bad habits are a huge waste of time and money, especially when it comes to printing. With managed print, you'll be able to track user habits across your print environment and make changes where necessary--that way, you keep the good and help carefully eliminate the bad.

  • #3: Illuminating hidden costs

The problem with hidden costs is that they don't always come with a price tag, which is why they're hidden in the first place. Managed print services helps you calculate the cost of things like downtime and supply storage--and this, in turn, creates a more accurate view of your print budget.


The true cost of printing is far more complicated than most companies realize. Luckily, managed print services is here to help. By improving visibility, identifying and addressing bad habits, and even illuminating hidden costs, managed print makes your print budget easier to control (and protect).

Hoping managed print services can pull back the curtain on your print costs? Contact us today to get started!