3 Key Document Management Goals for Charities

A person writing the word 'goals' on a pad of paper.

Document management is an excellent tool for companies of all shapes and sizes, but has it met its match when it comes to the unique challenges faced by charities? Here are three reasons the answer is a definite no!

How Document Management Supports Charity

People are at the heart of charity--but where people work together, data and documents will follow. That's where document management comes in.

Although often viewed as a business solution or tool, the truth is that document management can fit into any organization. At its core, document management is a collaboration solution, helping people communicate and work together even when they're juggling sensitive data.

Here are three key goals document management can help charities achieve:

#1: Compliance

Compliance is key in many industries. It's not just about legal regulations; it's about making volunteers, donors, and charity recipients feel safe when interacting with a nonprofit organization. Luckily, document management helps simplify this requirement by aligning everyday tasks with compliance best practices, and building good habits right into the document lifecycle.

#2: Document storage

Data is a treasure trove of wisdom and must not be wasted. For this reason, charities need a fast, efficient, and safe way to store their documents for both the short- and long-term. Document management makes this possible by creating shared digital receptacles where everyday files can easily be accessed while archived files are tucked securely out of the way.

#3: Efficient security

Most charities have a lot of personal information to protect--but disjointed or outdated security procedures can make that protection feel like jumping through hoops. To give volunteers more time to focus on their work, document management helps eliminate security vulnerabilities and integrate simple, stress-free solutions for data protection--all without adding any hurdles to the workflow.


Charity is an important part of any community, and document management is an important part of any charity. With a little help from this data solution, charities can achieve all kinds of goals--including compliance, document storage, and even efficient security.

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