What are Managed Print Services?

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The cost of printing within your business may be calculated just by the cost of ink nd paper, but there are many other costs involved. And, all of these can be lessened by using managed print services to handle your printers' needs. With these services, you can expect less printing to happen as well as fewer resources being needed to keep them running.

Grow Your Business with Document Management Solutions

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The use of business documents is so central to every business that these papers can't be done without. That often means that a lot of time is spent on them. They have to be printed out, passed around, filed, refiled and pulled out for changes. However, most of this time can be avoided with the right document management system.

Store Your Documents in the Cloud with a Printer

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The days of employees carrying paper documents around in a binder or clipboard are over. Businesses today require sharing of digital copies of documents. Digital document storage is an important concern for any business that wants to keep information safe while making it accessible to all employees. The cloud is often the best way to store documents, so they can be accessed via phone, computer or even via multifunction printers.

Pros of Having Managed Print in Your Office

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Keeping up with the printers in the office can be a lot more complicated than it seems at first. Keeping the printer in good condition requires maintenance and occasional repairs. Keeping the printer stocked is another issue that can take time and planning. Then, the cost of the paper and the cost of running the printer have to be factored in. To make all of this easier and less expensive, businesses are increasingly turning to managed print services.

How Outsourcing IT Can Work for Your Business

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The IT department may be a vital resource for every business that exists today, but not every small business can afford to hire them. What do you do when hiring a team of IT professionals is just too much for your business? You outsource these tasks to IT professionals who aren't on site. Here's why this is a good fit for so many businesses today.

Negative Impacts on Your Print Budget


The cost of printing documents and other materials is one of the significant costs of running an office. However, there are a number of ways that you can stick to a better print budget without having to go without all the vital printing that gets done in your office. Using managed print is one way that you can lower your printing costs and keep your budget intact.


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