Is It Time to Make the Switch to Managed Print Services?

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As your company strives to scale, you will need to pass off some tasks to third-party providers. Take your managed print services, for example, which include document capture and rules-based printing. Here at Preferred Business Systems (PBS), we offer a whole bevy of managed services including print solutions for small to medium businesses (SMB). Give your print tasks over to our team and let us solve your printing problems.


Is It Time to Upgrade Your Office's Multifunction Printers?

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For a company to operate successfully, the front and back-office processes must be managed. This is where most business owners fall short when purchasing and maintaining in-house printers, mainly due to expense as well as expertise. Yet your business must maintain documentation, send out marketing materials, and submit invoices and purchase orders. To save on costs, while generating the best printing results, you need to have high-quality modern equipment, such as multifunction printers. 


Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs Managed Print This Year

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This year should definitely be the year you invest in managed print. Why? Because as many people are returning to the office, it's both an excellent time to implement new systems and also it's an ideal time to get a handle on the sometimes chaotic and expensive world of print. Get ahead of bad printing habits in your office before they get restarted for good.

Data and Document Management Go Hand in Hand

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No matter what industry you are in, data management is a key part of internal and external communications and operations. How is that data being stored and managed, however, can often vary from business to business.

When you're looking at your data management, you need to consider security, access, and use. This also applies to document management, so if you're looking for one solution, you're usually looking for - or can benefit from - both.

4 Ways to Cut Print Costs with Managed Print Services

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Managed print services came on the scene somewhat quietly, which is why it's possible that you haven't yet heard about this fantastic money saving solution. Managed print services is a solution that outsources your print oversight to an expert team to manage supply orders, maintenance, print fleet management, and print data in order to set a print policy and productivity plan - in addition to a functional budget - that is realistic and works for you.

Preventable Maintenance Issues in Multifunction Printers

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You've done a lot to enhance your office equipment set up. You invested in an upgraded multifunction printer by working with a reliable vendor partner. You've streamlined workflows, print environments, and equipment use to ensure cost efficiency and employee productivity. And you've established helpful locations for your equipment to ensure ease of use and effective outputs.

So what's next? Have you done it all? Just to be clear - you're in a great spot, and your business will benefit because you've set up a strong foundation. But in order to protect your investments and make the most of the efforts you've done, there are a few simple extra steps for proactive print maintenance to keep this perfect system running smoothly.

3 Ways to Improve Your Print Environment

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Print is an interesting office service - it's complicated technologically, it can be expensive, and it can even be unnecessary. But, it's also essential to your office operations and your business success - how many times have you secured a new client because they had the contract or proposal sitting right in front of them? How often have employees successfully moved ahead on a project because they dug into hard copy documents together? It's true - although you may want to totally do away with print, you need to keep it in your business because when you need it, printed documents can make a huge difference.

6 Industries that Benefit Greatly from Document Management

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Digital document management is the comprehensive document service that helps your business go paperless - finally! - and also store, search, and organize business data with online storage. The service boomed onto the scene and immediately started helping business managers who wanted to cut back on physical storage space, save on print and supply use, and organize operations into an online system.

Do you Need Managed Print Services?

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When your office is ready to outsource services for efficiency and increased productivity, not to mention cost savings, will you notice that it's time to make the shift? When you're working with your head down, focused on operations and strategy, it can be hard to acknowledge that it's time to do something differently. However, with outsourced services like managed print, making the shift can mean cost savings, streamlined workflows, and improved employee operations and productivity. With the possibility of those key benefits, it's not something you want to overlook.

Selecting the Right Printer for Your Company: 4 Things You Need to Know

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You're ready to invest in a multifunction printer - whether it's an upgrade or a first machine, you want to ensure you select the right piece of equipment for your business. After all, it's a major investment, an ongoing cost, and opportunity for savings and efficiency, and a critical piece of your business operations.


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