Managed Print Services: Tips for Cheaper School Printing

A female school teacher using a printer machine in school hallway with a group of four female students walking in hallway.

Schools of all shapes and sizes are always looking for ways to save money. If your school needs to cut costs without cutting corners, you've come to the right place: Here are tips for cheaper school printing, straight from managed print services!

A Little Help From Managed Print Services

If you need to control costs in your school's print budget, there's one solution that stands above the rest: managed print services. A managed print provider helps you find all the best and smartest ways to save money without impacting the efficiency or performance of your print environment.

But managed print services isn't a rulebook for better printing. It's a relationship where you and your provider work together to implement tips like these:

  • Create a print policy.

A print policy helps keep everyone on the same page when it comes to printing. These guidelines give employees something to fall back on when they aren't sure which settings to use or how to print without being wasteful.

  • Set automatic reminders.

Automatic reminders are pop-ups that warn a user when they're making a choice that could be wasteful, like printing one-sided or in color. This helps overcome human error and encourages school employees to build good printing habits.

  • Use restrictions and defaults.

School printing can be hectic, so sometimes, it's easier to skip the reminders and go right for the restrictions. By choosing cost-effective settings and making these your printer's defaults (then restricting the ability to change them), employees can start printing without worrying about which settings to use or skip.

  • Print smarter.

You should always print smarter instead of more often. When school employees are mindful of why and how they print, it's easier for them to make budget-friendly decisions without all the stress.


Managed print services is one of the best solutions available for schools. That's because it's a partnership--one that grows and changes with your needs. It also comes with best practices and recommendations like the tips we covered today, so you'll never run out of actionable solutions for your biggest print pains.

Interested in managed print services? Contact us today to start protecting your school's print budget!