Multifunction Printer Tips: Don't Forget Scanning!

Did you know

Your multifunction printer can do a little bit of everything. It prints, it copies, it faxes--but when you get caught up in those excellent features, it's easy to overlook the fourth (and sometimes most important) function: scanning. Here's why you shouldn't overlook scanning functionality on your multifunction printer!

Why Scan Using Your Multifunction Printer?

Maybe you bought your multifunction printer because of its incredible print quality or its ability to copy and fax as well as print. While those are excellent reasons, it's important to remember that your multifunction printer scans, too--and that's because scanning can be a huge benefit for your business.

Here are just a few reasons to start scanning with your multifunction printer:

It's easy.

Scanning a file is quick and stress-free. You don't even have to learn a new system or device when you use your multifunction printer. With just a few screen taps, you'll have created a brand-new digital file that can be saved, shared, edited, and utilized to your heart's content.

It saves time.

Once you've scanned a file, you won't have to waste time looking for it. Instead, you can search your digital document repository by keyword, title, date, file type, and more--and in mere seconds, you'll have found what you need.

It saves money.

Having a built-in scanner doesn't just save money by eliminating the need for a standalone, single-function device. It also helps cut the costs eliminated with paper files--like paper, ink, file storage, document loss, and more.

It improves security.

Digital documents are much easier to secure than their paper-based counterparts. When you scan a file, you can store it in folders protected by firewalls, access control, and multi-factor user authentication--which is a lot more than you can say for any file cabinet!


While you may not have purchased your multifunction printer primarily for scanning purposes, this function is not to be overlooked. Scanning, after all, can lead to all kinds of benefits for your business. From cost-savings and security improvements to time savings and simplicity, scanning might just be your new best friend.

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