Going Green With Managed Print Services

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These days, everyone's trying to go green--but that doesn't mean everyone's succeeding. After all, environmental friendliness isn't always efficient for your business, which means you're sometimes left choosing between Mother Nature and your own bottom line. Luckily, with managed print services, that choice is a thing of the past. Here's what you need to know!


Implementing a Document Management System for Better Collaboration

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Having a document management system is crucial for businesses to safely and securely improve productivity and reduce workload. Just know, however, that just having this system does not guarantee optimization. Companies must successfully implement a document management system that is best suited for them. Thus said, the following includes steps to implement this system in a way that's optimal for your business: 


Do You Need a Document Management System?

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As more and more companies are making their way to becoming virtual, there is one aspect of the process that might be more important than all the others. At Preferred Business Systems, we know that part refers to the actual paperwork. Like most companies, there are many tangible files that need a place to go and maintain the ability to be seen at any time.


Managed Print Services for Every Industry

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Are you wondering if Managed Print Services (MPS) can be what your industry needs? The good news is that any industry can benefit from using MPS, including yours too. Examples of industries that can benefit from using MPS include healthcare, education, marketing and advertising, and legal practices. But there are other industries as well can use MPS to reduce costs.


Evaluating Your Office's Printing Needs

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Buying the best multifunction printer for your needs can be a challenge at best, a headache, and a nightmare at worst. Bigger isn't necessarily better. Buying the best is about buying the best for your office, not buying the most expensive, the biggest, the copier that does the most stuff. It's about evaluating what your needs are and then finding the appropriate printer that fulfills that is the kind of Multifunction Printer that makes your business and office life easy. Because it's not just a printer, but a system. As an Operations Manager or an Office manager, you know a system streamlines the things you and your team do, which will, in fact, make your business life easier.


Considerations Before Choosing a Multifunction Printer

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The annual budgeting process provides an ideal time to consider more efficient business processes and more efficient office equipment. Perhaps you currently use a complement of printers, scanners, copiers, and somewhere stands alone fax machine for that one vendor with which you do business that still hasn’t updated to the digital age. You could consolidate your office equipment by replacing those many devices with a single multi-function printer (MFP).



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