How To Measure Managed Print Services ROI

graph with ROI on a tablet being held

If you want to know whether a solution is "worth it," you look at its ROI, or return on investment. But how do you do that for managed print services? Let's find out!

The Value of Managed Print Services

Many companies feel it's difficult to put a decisive value on managed print services because it has so many moving parts. How can you determine ROI when a single solution spans security, efficiency, communication, IT support, and more?

The key is to decide what managed print success looks like for you. Consider ROI benchmarks like these:

Stronger Budgets

An easy way to tell if managed print services is keeping its promises is to compare your budget. Are you saving more money now than you did before? Think about details such as supply orders, machine maintenance, repairs, and more.

Safer Machines

It can be challenging to measure security improvements, because what you're really looking at is breaches or problems that didn't happen. Instead of running in circles trying to make sense of that, think about peace of mind. Do you feel safer using mobile print and similar solutions because you know your managed print services provider has your back? Are you comfortable leveraging BYOD policies and work-from-home flexibility now that you've identified and resolved certain vulnerabilities?

Increased Efficiency

At the end of the day, one of the most important benefits of managed print is its ability to help you do what you do best. If you feel your employees are able to handle tasks effectively, get more work done during the day, solve print problems with less wasted time, and generally feel more confident in their roles, you know your provider is making positive impacts.


There are plenty of ways to think about ROI. When it comes to managed print, the most important metric is the one you choose yourself--which means it's up to you to decide how you'll put value on your print solutions.

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