Multifunction Printer Maintenance Tips

Multifunction printer maintenance probably doesn't take up a huge part of your brain--but maybe it should! Here's what you need to know and how to keep your machines in top condition.

The Value of Multifunction Printer Maintenance

Every multifunction printer is an investment--not just in your company's financial future, but in your workflows, efficiency, communication, and more. As with any investment, you need to take good care of it if you want to see real results.

Here are just a few reasons printer maintenance is a smart habit:

  • Longevity: Well-maintained printers often last longer.
  • Performance: Keep your machines functioning smoothly and delivering top-notch quality with a little TLC.
  • Reliability: Maintenance helps catch little issues before they become big ones, saving you the stress and panic of dealing with an unexpected breakdown when you need your printer the most.
  • Ease of use: Regular maintenance ensures that everyday users don't have to deal with frustrating problems every time they try to print.

Tips for Multifunction Printer Maintenance

Now that you know how important maintenance can be, it's time to apply this to your multifunction printer. Check out these simple tips:

Look At Your Paper

Are you using the right paper size, weight, and type? Do you overload your paper tray? These tasks are so small that they hardly feel like maintenance, but they can make a big difference in multifunction printer performance in the long run.

Clean Up

Dust and debris can interrupt print quality and degrade functionality over time. Vacuum, dust, and carefully clean your multifunction printer on a regular basis to keep buildup from causing more significant problems.

Provide Training

Everyone who uses the printer should know *how* to use the printer. This can prevent bad habits like button-smashing when frustration hits or incorrectly handling paper jams--which, in turn, helps protect the printer.

In conclusion, a little multifunction printer TLC goes a long way--especially if you want your investment up and running for a long time.

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