Managed Print Services: Are You Making These Print Mistakes?

A woman with a confused look on her face standing next to a print machine.

If you're convinced your print environment is doing just fine on its own, you might not think to take a closer look at the details. Unfortunately, that's how big print mistakes can slip through the cracks. Let's find out what these print pitfalls look like and how to avoid them with help from managed print services!

Problems and Solutions with Managed Print Services

The problem with print environments is that they quickly get complicated. With so many users, machines, settings, supplies, and connections to keep track of, it's easy to start seeing just the forest instead of the trees. Of course, that's where potentially disastrous print mistakes are hiding--which is why managed print services helps you take a closer look.

Of course, managed print doesn't just show you your problems--it provides targeted solutions to help you overcome them. Here are a few examples:

Unknown print costs

The bigger and more complicated your fleet becomes, the more difficult it is to keep track of costs. If you don't know the exact price of every move you make, you could be wasting money on printing.

Solution: With managed print services, you'll get complete visibility into every aspect of your print environment. That means you'll be able to see how much it costs to print, make copies, order and store supplies, use different settings, and more.

Unprotected printers

Network printers are great news for efficiency--but when you don't take the proper security precautions, they're also great news for hackers.

Solution: Your managed print services provider will run a print audit to identify vulnerabilities in your environment. You'll work together to implement solutions that address these issues without interrupting your workflows.

Disorganized fleets

A disorganized fleet can have all kinds of problems, from too many single-function devices to confusion over which settings should be used and when. This leads to increased costs and plenty of frustration.

Solution: Managed print services can help optimize your fleet by consolidating devices, replacing single-function devices with one multifunction device, and creating guidelines for printer and settings utilization.


So, are you making any of these print mistakes, like leaving your printers unprotected or forgetting to organize your fleet? Not to worry--managed print can help. With all the right insights and solutions, managed print can turn your mistakes into big wins.

If you're ready to say goodbye to print pitfalls like these, contact us today to get started with managed print services!