The Future of Managed Print Services is in the Cloud

Cloud management

You've probably heard about cloud-based managed print services--but do you know what that really means? Let's take a closer look to find out why the future of this solution is looking so bright.

The Cloud Meets Managed Print Services

These days, there are roughly three ways to handle managed print services: on-premises, lift-and-shift, and cloud-based. The differences are a big deal--and only one is the true future of managed print.

Here's the breakdown (and why it matters):

1: On-Premises

This is your traditional, tried-and-true version of managed print services. It's a perfect fit for the version of the work world where everyone sits in a building and does their work on the same machines. While some companies are still in this boat, others have expanded to multiple locations (including home offices) and adopted new technologies that demand a more flexible approach.

2: Lift-and-Shift

The lift-and-shift approach is just what it sounds like: You take traditional managed print services, pick it up, and put it in the cloud. Things stay somewhat similar; the biggest change is the platform. This has its benefits, for sure--but it doesn't allow you to take full advantage of what the cloud has to offer. After all, you're doing all the same things as before but from a different system.

3: Cloud-Based

Cloud-based managed print services is truly the future. That's because this approach is rooted in the cloud, which means new features, options, functionalities, and tools are built into its DNA. This allows your managed print approach to be smarter and more flexible from day one. You'll have everything you need to juggle physical and digital environments across multiple locations--even if some or all of your workforce operates from home. Better yet, cloud-based managed print services can scale just as quickly as the cloud itself, which means your business will always be agile.


While traditional managed print services still has a place in the business world and the lift-and-shift model offers benefits too, it's cloud-based managed print that's making a real difference. If you want to see the future of this solution, it's time to let the cloud inform your approach from the ground up.

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