Managed Print Services Tips for HR Departments

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HR departments have a lot of responsibilities--and even more print tasks. However, that doesn't mean HR is anchored to high print costs forever. Here are a few managed print services tips that can help change the game!

Taking Control with Managed Print Services

There are a lot of ways to take control of your print environment, but managed print services is one of your best options. That's because managed print gives you the support you need to identify issues at their source, so you're addressing causes instead of symptoms. The result is a smoother, stronger, and, yes, even more, cost-effective print environment.

But how does this all apply to HR? Here are a few tips straight from managed print services:

#1: Create print policies.

Although print policies should cover the entire business, there's no reason they can't start in the HR department. Spend some time working on print policies that provide rules for when to use color printing vs. black-and-white, when to print double-sided, and other situations where wasteful practices could start to creep in.

#2: Use alerts.

Many printers allow you to set alerts and reminders. This is especially helpful for HR employees, who might be so focused on their important tasks that they forget a print policy and accidentally try printing in color instead of black-and-white.

#3: Consolidate your fleet.

If your HR department has its own fleet, it might be time to consolidate and optimize. For example, you might want to replace several single-function devices with one multifunction device. That way, you spend less on ink, toner, and energy without losing any functionality.

#4: Track print costs.

It's difficult to control HR print costs if you don't know what they are. Managed print services can help you keep track of usage habits, supply prices, print settings, and more, giving you insight into where the department is wasting money and how to stop the bad habits.


HR departments play a vital role in any business, and printing plays a vital role in HR. The good news is that printing can continue to be an important tool--because with a little help from managed print, your HR department can cut costs without cutting corners.

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