The Power of Document Management for the Healthcare Industry

Document management at a doctor's office.

Document management is a necessary responsibility to maintain accurate records within the healthcare industry, but it should not take time away from what’s most important, “delivering care to patients.”

Utilizing digital document management showcases adaptability to the expansion of healthcare services that are accessible remotely. Additionally, it supports the ability to quickly access the files necessary for such services, especially as more patients are using telemedicine services.

Getting Started with a Document Management System

Transitioning to a digital, cloud-based document management system saves time and physical space. It can also decrease the cost associated with printing documents, administrative expenses, such as ink and paper. Furthermore, it facilitates easier virtual collaboration with other healthcare professionals, allowing everyone involved to work on the most recent version of documents and files.

Digital storage of patient records also makes it easier to adhere to compliance regulations regarding patient files and privacy. Moreover, digital storage lessens the concerns of physical damage to records should a natural disaster occur near a healthcare facility. Lastly, digital storage of documents and other files alleviates the negative impact on the environment by reducing the number of physical files and physical storage needed for such information.

Digital document management allows for effortless document management and virtual collaboration among healthcare professionals within a faster time frame, while also seamlessly ensuring adherence to patient privacy regulations.

Document Management from Preferred Business Systems

CustomerFIRST Services provided by Preferred Business Systems support these features through remote emergency calls which are resolved in two hours or less and on-site emergencies rectified within a four-hour time frame. Additionally, PBS provides replacements and/or loaners for malfunctioning equipment and the ability to upgrade security to meet “compliance industry standards for your industry.” There’s also the option of opting into leasing or trade-in programs, so only the best equipment is being utilized. Most importantly, the certified technicians who respond to maintenance and repair requests work in assigned territories. Therefore, your technology expert is always available within your geographic area.

Contact us today to determine the best workflow that will meet your healthcare document management requirements. Let PBS relieve the stress of document management, so there’s more focus on relieving the stress of patients.