Managed Print Service Benefits for All Businesses

MFP security through managed print services

As you consider the coming year’s budget, you might look for ways to cut costs while retaining or boosting productivity. While you can’t stop printing paper altogether, you can move to managed print services to save money and improve efficiency.

Increase Efficiency

You do print less when you switch to managed print services because of the company with which you partner helps you implement targeted digitization. That term refers to identifying the documents your business can easily digitize. This saves you money by avoiding printing documents you don’t need and reducing your carbon footprint through reduction rather than recycling.

The managed print services company conducts an analysis of your existing machines and suggests a reconfiguration that may use fewer printers but redistribute them in a more sensible manner. Once you remove printers you own due to wear and tear, the managed print service provides a top-of-the-line option that improves functionality. Your printers come with the contract, and since you lease, the machines always remain up-to-date.

Improve Security

The third-party vendor not only handles providing the leased machines, but its staff also keeps them updated, handling security updates. The company with which you contract sets up the security protocols, including keycodes for each machine, assigned by your choice of department, project, contract, etc.

Keycodes as a security implementation also help you protect your budget. About three percent of a business’ budget comes from printing, but a large portion of the expense comes from employees printing personal items. When everything must go to a project code, you reduce the ability of employees to strain the firm’s budget with junk printing. Quarterly reviews of expenses let you stay on top of employee use and which contracts require the most printing.

Reduce Costs

Since the contract also provides supplies like paper and toner, you reduce those costs, too. The vendor purchases in bulk and passes the cost savings along to you. You always have on hand what you need without needing to shop sales or straining your budget. Contracting with managed print services lands you savings on overhead since they purchase for all of their clients at once.

You can easily scale your needs with a managed printer service. When you add employees, you can either have them assigned to existing printers or add a printer to your existing complement of machines.

If you hire remote workers, you can also provide managed printing services for them under the same contract. They can pick up printouts at local or regional print service locations. That saves you from needing to purchase or lease a plotter, 3D printer, or binding machine.

Save money and increase efficiency by switching to managed print services. Contact Preferred Business Systems today for more information.