Does Your Office Need Managed Print Services?

Managed print services

Have you asked yourself how Managed Print Services (MPS) can benefit your office? If you haven't, think about this: it's nearly impossible for any company to function without having an efficient office. Your staff has to print documents, make copies, fill out forms, and send emails.

 At least 80% of companies in the US end up spending thousands of dollars just on printing documents alone. The average employee spends an average of $725 per year, translating to thousands of dollars each year. If you ignore your printing costs, they can rack up substantially and deplete your financial resources. To avoid this, organizations can benefit immensely from using MPS. 

Why Using Managed Print Services (MPS) Matters

There is a lot that companies can benefit from using MPS, from reducing printing costs to increasing efficiency, tracking expenses, and making business decisions faster. Furthermore, it allows you to increase security during handling documents and enable you to encrypt information.

Here are some of the signs that your office needs Managed Print Services: 

1. Your office spends more on printing

If your printing expenses are increasing each month, this could be a sign that you need to consider using MPS. You may be spending more on toner cartridges and maintaining machines. 

2. You spend more print supplies.

Buying office supplies from time to time increases expenses significantly. A company that buys office supplies has to purchase shelves and cabinets for storing those supplies. Your employees are likely to buy print supplies by mistake and increase your costs substantially. 

3. You find it hard to assess printing costs.

Another sign that you need to consider MPS is that you find it difficult to evaluate your monthly printing costs. You are not alone; most business owners find it difficult to calculate their cost per page (CPP). You can't know how many documents your team prints or how many toner cartridges.

What you won't know is that the cost of consumables like toner cartridges used by your printer will exceed the printer's costs over time. Hence, MPS is a perfect solution for all businesses, regardless of industry or size. When you hire an MPS company, you don't have to worry about calculating CPP as they have experts that will take care of everything.

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