Do You Need a Document Management System?

Office employees working in office area.

As more and more companies are making their way to becoming virtual, there is one aspect of the process that might be more important than all the others. At Preferred Business Systems, we know that part refers to the actual paperwork. Like most companies, there are many tangible files that need a place to go and maintain the ability to be seen at any time.

If this sounds relatable, stay tuned because what you might need is a Document Management System (DMS). Here, we will explore what exactly it is and how it can help your team. We hope with the information provided, you can gain enough insight to make a decision with your documents.

What is a Document Management System?

Technically speaking, a DMS is the use of software to track, keep, and take control of as many documents as you can imagine. 

What can a DMS help me with?

Offices these days are in transition. Some have gone completely remote and others are experimenting with various balances of being in office and not. No matter what your office is doing, there are essentials that bind employees. Here are some ways having a DMS can help:

  • Sharing. One of those essentials is being able to share files amongst a department or company. Having them in one place on a system makes them available to anyone with access.
  • Extra time. No longer will employees have to waste productivity on locating a very specific file. Once digitized, searching becomes a quick breeze.
  • Money savings. If the sound of a paperless office has a nice ring to it, so will the coins you save. With a DMS, you will no longer have a need to print everything. Also, a life without fighting a printer might be equally as worth it.
  • No loss. Unlike digital files, paper files can easily get lost in the mix. Whether someone put a document in the wrong place or it actually was misplaced, there is no chance of mishap through a DMS.

This is just the beginning. If after reading this list you see a need for document management, we can help with that. PBS can improve document efficiency through a DMS. To learn more, feel free to reach out.