Considerations Before Choosing a Multifunction Printer

Man sitting at table in office space.

The annual budgeting process provides an ideal time to consider more efficient business processes and more efficient office equipment. Perhaps you currently use a complement of printers, scanners, copiers, and somewhere stands alone fax machine for that one vendor with which you do business that still hasn’t updated to the digital age. You could consolidate your office equipment by replacing those many devices with a single multi-function printer (MFP).

An MFP does much more than print. These all-in-one machines let you scan, print, fax, and copy. You can use your office’s keycode system for documenting person-hours by contract or project. Using an MFP lets you reduce expenses, reduce your ecological footprint, maximize office productivity, and increase network security.

How do you choose the right machine though? It goes way beyond just a laser or inkjet. Here are a few tips to help you move through the decision-making process.

Determine Your Annual Printing Needs

How many pages has your company printed in total each year for the past five years? Has the number increased? You’ll need to obtain an MFP with an appropriate page per minute (PPM) speed to accommodate your company’s printing needs.

Color or B&W Printing? 

That is the question. Color costs more since you’ll need a separate cartridge for black, cyan, purple, and magenta. You can save costs with black and white printing, but your company may require color printouts.

How Many Devices Do You Need?

Some companies only require one MFP, while others need one for each department. You can determine how many machines you will need by consulting with the managed print services provider.

Examine Paper Capacity 

How many paper sizes do you need? Will letter and legal sizes of paper suffice, or do you need to print other sizes, too?

Let Preferred Business Systems LLC help you with answering these questions and analyzing your needs. We can help you by providing an MFP that meets and exceeds your office’s needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you reduce expenses and increase efficiency with an MFP.