Negative Impacts on Your Print Budget


The cost of printing documents and other materials is one of the significant costs of running an office. However, there are a number of ways that you can stick to a better print budget without having to go without all the vital printing that gets done in your office. Using managed print is one way that you can lower your printing costs and keep your budget intact.

Wasting Resources

If you have employees who print anytime they have a new document, you aren't alone. Many office personnel print whether or not they need to simply out of habit. This leads to a lot of waste, as more paper and ink are used than are needed. It also translates into a lot of paper being shuffled around the office and time spent organizing it all. With managed print, you can monitor how each employee uses the printer and how much they print. When you have this data, it's easy to tell those who overuse the printer to use it less often. When employees think about whether they really need to print something before they do, you save on all printing materials.

Repairs to Printers

Repairing your existing printers can get expensive, especially when there are big problems with them that require new parts or even a replacement of the entire machine. But with managed print services, the condition of the printers is monitored along with their usage. When there appears to be a small problem with a printer, it can be fixed early on before the problem gets bigger and more expensive. And, by monitoring the printers and keeping them in good working order, you will have to replace fewer machines for significant cost savings.

Printer Downtime

If you've ever had a printer that has stopped working, you know just how difficult it can make things for your employees. The machine's downtime often means employee downtime, as they must wait around for the machine to be fixed. In many cases, they have to leave and go elsewhere to print their documents. All of these solutions waste time and money, eating into productivity. With managed print services, you can keep the printers in better condition to reduce or even eliminate downtime.

If you're ready to use managed print to save money for your business, contact us now to find out more.