Is Managed Print Services Right for Your Business?

managed print

In any office these days, there are multiple printers that employees rely on to get work done. They're needed for memos, announcements, presentation materials, marketing materials and more. If your office relies on its printers, managed print services may be the right choice for your company.

Your IT Department

Many companies see the maintenance of the printers as something for the IT department to handle. However, that means that the IT employees are taking a considerable amount of time away from their computer maintenance duties. This leaves a lot of computer duties undone, and it distracts those employees from finding problems in the system that could be fixed if caught early enough. Every business is vulnerable to computer attacks, and your IT department is far more valuable when it's taking care of those threats. With managed print services, outside techs are in charge of keeping the printers running, taking no time away from IT.

Avoiding the Wait

When printers aren't working, or they are out of stock with something they need, there is an inevitable wait for your employees. They will have to wait for the printer to be fixed or stocked so they can continue with their duties. This causes a serious lack of productivity, and it can be an expensive one. Managed print services keep repairs done as needed and make sure that they are each stocked with what they need. This means no waiting, no upset employees and no loss of productivity.

Avoiding Expensive Repairs

When there is a problem with a printer, a managed print tech will be able to tell you and to fix it before it gets any worse. This helps you to avoid the bigger problems that can come when a printer hasn't had proper maintenance. This saves money as well as saves your office from having the machines down until they can be fixed.

When you're ready to have managed print services to take care of your company's printers, contact us to find out more.