Preventable Maintenance Issues in Multifunction Printers

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You've done a lot to enhance your office equipment set up. You invested in an upgraded multifunction printer by working with a reliable vendor partner. You've streamlined workflows, print environments, and equipment use to ensure cost efficiency and employee productivity. And you've established helpful locations for your equipment to ensure ease of use and effective outputs.

So what's next? Have you done it all? Just to be clear - you're in a great spot, and your business will benefit because you've set up a strong foundation. But in order to protect your investments and make the most of the efforts you've done, there are a few simple extra steps for proactive print maintenance to keep this perfect system running smoothly.

What to Know about Your Printer

There are some key things to know about your printer, starting with questions for you:

  • How is your printer used?
  • Who uses your printer the most?
  • What is your process for printer maintenance?
  • Do you have individual accountability for printing and printer use?

With a few answers there, you can look at how to get ahead of maintenance.

Stay Ahead on Maintenance

When you know who is using your printer and how, and what the current maintenance process is, it will answer the initial questions to set up a simple, proactive print maintenance environment. This may start with the following, but can be bolstered according to your business needs.

  1. Make sure that you are using the right supplies. Paper, toner, and ink all matter in printer production.
  2. Ensure that you regularly clean the printer screens using appropriate materials.
  3. Any paper jams should be dealt with immediately and the printer reset.
  4. Make sure that you clean the input and output sides of your printer for optimal use.

Simple, right? Just taking those four steps can help your equipment live a longer life.

Looking for Help?

Getting a new printer and building in a preventative maintenance plan takes the right vendor partnership. Talk to the Preferred Business Systems team today to start your team off with a trusted vendor that will move your business in the right direction. Contact us today.