Evaluating Your Office's Printing Needs

The word 'simplify' one keyboard.

Buying the best multifunction printer for your needs can be a challenge at best, a headache, and a nightmare at worst. Bigger isn't necessarily better. Buying the best is about buying the best for your office, not buying the most expensive, the biggest, the copier that does the most stuff. It's about evaluating what your needs are and then finding the appropriate printer that fulfills that is the kind of Multifunction Printer that makes your business and office life easy. Because it's not just a printer, but a system. As an Operations Manager or an Office manager, you know a system streamlines the things you and your team do, which will, in fact, make your business life easier.

Getting Exactly What Your Office Needs

Knowing your volume. One of the first questions you have to ask yourself is qualifying how many papers will you be printing. Sometimes that can depend on a lot of factors. Is it 10 or 15 pages that one employee at a time will do or is it a volume that is large enough to create and collate an entire book? Or is it a combination of all those?

By defining how much of a volume you will have on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, a monthly basis, and even maybe a quarterly basis, you'll have a better idea of the right printer and the right printer speeds that you'll need.

Where is everyone?

Another factor is how to spread out is your team. If you have teams that are on several floors, or maybe even a few different buildings.  It might behoove you to look at a smaller printer on each floor and then a multifunctional printer in the main area that will do heavy volume work.

Heavy volume versus a few pieces

Nothing is more frustrating to staff than wanting to get a few copies of something while a giant project is being printed. Know how you break up the work and it will help you design the type of systems that you need.

Know who your divisions are and what their needs are

Human resources, sales, and marketing will probably need a much higher volume of printing than other departments. Making it quick and easy access for them is imperative.   Also, take into account that executives, as well as human resources, may need a unique level of privacy.

Another feature is scanning and routing documents to multiple locations. This ability to capture files in a variety of digital formats is one innovative way to use a multifunctional printer.

Copying Isn't Old-School Anymore

Your copying needs may not just be about copying a stack of papers. You may need the ability to create copies that are collated and put together. Contact the team at Preferred Business Systems today to get started!