Cut Costs and Save Time with Managed Print Services

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Managed print services in the wake of the pandemic and struggling economy, help businesses to cut costs and save time. In an effort to reduce costs, these businesses must choose to retain staff or hire new employees. 

Driven by its documents, the costs of printing can be more than many companies can afford. Producing documents absorb from one to three percent of the budget of the average United States business. In addition, the costs for most businesses to create communication and documents in hard copy are also on the rise. 

How Managed Print Services Can Assist

If you are interested in reducing the production of document costs, then managed print services can help. This service will release your IT department of this load, extricate capital, and is much more sound to the environment. 

What are Managed Print Services?

These services are much more than the leasing of copiers. These print services permit an individual merchant to assume all multifunction devices for printing--such as faxes, printers, photocopiers, and printers. 

Gone are the days when you paid a monthly fee to rent these units to several different companies. You will no longer have a variety of depreciation accounts, differing components, and service companies to deal with. Instead, there will be just one dealer to handle all integration of software, repairs, parts and supplies for printing. The cost of documents will be easy to keep track of and you will know how much is being spent. 

How Will Your Business Benefit from MPS?

There are many ways your business can benefit by using MPS. Below we have listed a few of its money-saving benefits: 

  • Makes the costs of printing more manageable-when you use this type of printing service you will be able to see exactly where and what your spending is. 
  • The old way of producing documents will become a way of the past- you will no longer require a lot of extra equipment in the office. No longer will you need copiers, scanners, or printers. One simple payment to the MPS vendor gets it all done.  
  • Improves employee productivity because they aren’t bothered by worrying if the printer has toner, paper, etc.

If you're ready to give managed print services a try and boost your business, productivity, and begin saving -- contact us today!