The Basics of Managed Print Services


That is the term given to the services provided by an external source to manage or optimize the document output of the client. Chances are you have heard of this but didn't know the exact terminology for it. 

The precise role of a managed print service is to manage all tasks involved with the usage of a client's business printing devices. This includes equipment such as printing machines, copying machines, and multifunctional machines. 

Why Have Managed Print Services Become So Valuable?

The reasons managed print services have become popular are that they save clients a lot of money and manpower time. It does not necessarily mean people in a company will be terminated. It only means these people can move on and do other functions in the company. So much more work can get done this way.

As far as saving clients money, think of all the expenses involved with machines, supplies, repairs, and the money paid to staff members to operate them. In lieu of all these expenses, the customer pays one fee to the MPS provider. It really is that simple. 

Other Benefits of Using Managed Print Services

  • Avoids personnel shortages
  • Avoids running out of supplies during the course of completing a project
  • Eliminates last-minute scheduling conflicts within the company; ie, person A has to do this task instead of the original project he or she was given
  • Eliminates expensive expediting costs
  • The client never has to worry the project will not be completed due to person B not showing up for work
  • The client company can create master schedules for the associates without having to worry about allotting for printing projects
  • The MPS usually charges the same fee for a particular printing project. This allows the customer to do some budget planning and be accurate

Improving the Efficiency of Your Staff

One of the basic premises of utilizing a managed print service provider is something we touched upon earlier. That is, it vastly improves the efficiency of office personnel. Instead of taking the time of an entire department's worth of people, the printing task gets done by one external provider. What is so good about that?  Keep reading!

Give some thought to having all those people doing other important projects for clients. Think of how many more clients you can take care of this way. That will prove to your customers that your company is worthy of your patronage. Not only will you keep that customer, but they will also recommend you to other companies and your profits will increase. All because you hired a managed printing service provider. How many more reasons do you need than that?

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