Save Energy with a Multifunction Printer

save energy

The use of an MFP in the office can't be done without. These machines are so useful and help so much with productivity that few offices should be without one. However, there are ways to save energy when using one that will make a difference in your company's power bill.

Upgrade Your Machine

If you have an older model of copier, printer or MFP, it's time to upgrade that old equipment with new multifunction printers. The latest models don't have to heat up as high as older copiers. They also don't take as much power as older generations of printers. Many of today's models are Energy Star certified, meaning they use significantly less electricity than comparable printers without that designation. Newer machines also have newer features and better connectivity for easier use.

Turning It Off

Many devices are using power even when they are not being used. The low level of power that is being used in the background as employees do other things certainly adds up over time. Many new multifunction printers have sleep modes that can be used to keep them from drawing power while it is dormant. If you have this setting on your MFP, get into the habit of using sleep mode every time the machine isn't in use, and train your employees to do the same. Another way to stem the flow of power is to get a model with an automatic-off feature that automatically keeps the printer turned off when it isn't being used.

Keep the Air Flowing

Stagnant air around your multifunction printers can lead to a lot more in energy bills. Because these machines generate heat in order to work, they emit some of that heat to the air around them. This heats up the room, forcing the air-conditioning system to work harder to cool the area. To combat this problem, locate the printer in an area that has a good flow of air and that has some ventilation to keep the air from getting too heated.

If you are in the market for a new multifunction printer, contact us today. We can show you the current models on the market and help you to find the one that will best fit your company's needs.