How to Get More Out of Your Multifunction Printer

multifunction printer

The use of printers in the office is something no business could do without. However, if you have a multifunction printer, your employees may not be taking advantage of the many features these office machines have to offer.

Folding Materials

Using your multifunction printer to print various marketing materials saves time and money over doing these projects through a third party. However, printing them is often just the beginning of the project. Many materials, such as brochures and leaflets, must be folded precisely. If you have a multifunction printer in the office, this can be done by the printer before you are given the printed materials. The machine can also bind documents together so that no one in the office needs to do the collating of the pages. The printer can also staple together any pages you like, saving still more time for your clerical staff.

More Clerical Features to Use

Other features of multifunction printers include giving each page a three-hole punch, binding pages together in a plastic binder and taking on many of the jobs of a standalone machine. When you have a multifunction printer, you no longer need to have a separate fax machine in the office, as the printer can perform this function. There's also no reason for a copier, as the MFP can do that as well.

Digitizing Documents

One of the biggest reasons that companies choose a multifunction printer is that it will do document scanning. Scanning the paper documents in the office allows them to be digitized for easier storage and organization. They can also be kept safe from information thieves by keeping them safely in the cloud. Multifunction printers are made for scanning rapidly, so your office won't spend too many hours scanning documents and organizing them. This can also help your office with privacy compliance, as the digitized documents are easier to keep away from prying eyes than paper copies are.

If you are interested in a multifunction printer, contact us today to find out about the many models on the market right now. We can get you started with the one that is best for your office's needs.