Does Your Office Need a Copier or Multifunction Printer?

copier in use

Both copiers and printers are important in the workplace, but it can be difficult to tell in advance which one of these is most needed. It's important to choose the machine that will take care of just the tasks that your office does rather than simply choosing because of what you think it might be used for. Real-world office activities should be assessed so that you know the specific features that the machine you choose should have.

Copiers in the Office

This choice is often more expensive than a multifunction printer, but it does come with a broader range of features than ever before. Today's copiers can make large numbers of copies as well as collating the pages and binding them with staples. They are also faster than before, and they can handle large amounts of copies in little time. This is a perfect machine for offices that have frequent copying needs or don't have the personnel for collating or binding. They are also good for offices that need a lot of copies of various sizes. If there is plenty of room for an office machine, a copier is an option, as they tend to be quite large.

Multifunction Printers

A less-expensive option is to have a multifunction printer in the office to handle tasks like printing, copying and faxing. Because these machines are more compact, they won't take up much real estate in the office. They also will handle a range of tasks like scanning and networking with the company's computer system. If any of these tasks will fill a need and improve workflows, this machine can be an enormous time and space saver. Rather than having separate machines for each of these functions, a multifunction printer can do them all without needing a room to house it.

If you'd like to talk about a copier or multifunction printer and find a model that will work for your office, contact us. We'll work with you to find just the right solution.